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Sebastian Keneas Artist

    Sebastian Keneas: Capturing Emotion in Monochrome Blooms

    Sebastian Keneas Frontal Labotany 2023 - 18x24 Acrylic on wood

    The Artistic Journey of Sebastian Keneas in the Heart of New York City

    Sebastian Keneas, a prominent contemporary painter residing and creating in the vibrant artistic landscape of New York City, is recognized for his unique approach to portraying nature’s beauty through the lens of monochrome mastery. Born with a creative spirit, Keneas pursued his artistic education at Oberlin College, earning a Bachelor of Arts, and later honing his craft at the School of Visual Arts, where he attained a Master of Fine Arts degree.

    Global Recognition

    Keneas’ artistic journey has been marked by an impressive array of exhibitions, both across the United States and internationally in France. His work gained notable acclaim when featured in the Brave Destiny International Surrealist show in New York, showcasing his ability to transcend traditional boundaries in art. Additionally, his artistry was showcased in the prestigious Best American Landscapes exhibition in Santa Cruz, CA, underlining his versatile and captivating talent.

    Notably, Keneas made a significant mark on the global art scene by participating in the 2014 NY Cutlog International Art Show, where his work resonated with audiences and fellow artists alike.

    Sebastian Keneas Plantform 2023 - 24x36 Acrylic on Wood
    Sebastian Keneas Botanical Study 3 2023 - 8x10 Acrylic on Wood

    Blossoms in Monochrome

    At the heart of Keneas’ artistic expression lies a profound fascination with flowers, as evident in a series of black and white paintings that embody a unique moodiness, creating a distinct ethereal atmosphere. The haunting imagery of flowers seemingly exploding on a brooding landscape characterizes this mood. Executed with meticulous detail, Keneas’ canvases capture the essence of flora in a distinctive manner.

    Capturing Emotions in Art

    Keneas’ technique skillfully renders delicate water droplets on stems, juxtaposed with dynamic splash effects of petals immersed in water. The interplay of light and shadow in his monochrome palette breathes life into the flowers, evoking emotional depth that resonates with moody and contemplative atmospheres, delving into the realm of emotion and introspection.

    His artistic vision transcends mere representation, inviting viewers to explore nuanced feelings embedded in each stroke of his brush. Through his black and white floral compositions, Sebastian Keneas encourages us to experience the beauty of nature through a lens that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of emotion in every petal and droplet.

    Sebastian Keneas Tulips 2023 - 24x24 Acrylic on Wood

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