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Piper, The Boston Terrier Therapy Dog Bringing Joy Everywhere from California

    Piper, The Boston Terrier Bringing Joy Everywhere

    Meet Piper, the lively Boston Terrier born on September 9, 2019, hailing from Southern California, where she lives with her older sisters, Suzy and Stella Blue.

    Affectionately known as “Hyper Piper” for her boundless energy, Piper isn’t just your typical pup—she’s a therapy dog on a mission to spread joy wherever she goes.

    Lover of fetching balls and wiggle dancer extraordinaire, Piper’s enthusiasm knows no bounds.

    Every #WackyWednesday, she’s ready to show off her signature moves and brighten everyone’s day with her infectious energy.

    From the bustling terminals of LAX Airport to schools, Piper’s adventures as a therapy dog are as diverse as they are heartwarming.

    Joined by her dedicated owner, Piper embarked on a journey with the @laxpups team, greeting travelers and providing comforting pets to anyone who needed them.

    After passing her assessment with flying colors, Piper officially became part of the LAX Pups team, ready for even more adventures ahead.

    Piper’s first visit as a therapy dog was to South High School, where she had fun spreading smile & getting lots of pets & scratches! 

    Piper the Boston Terrier Therapy Dog sits next to her card

    One of Piper’s most memorable visits was to Brywood Elementary School (PreK-6th), where she received an outpouring of love from students and teachers alike. With her wagging tail and friendly demeanor, Piper made a lasting impression, earning herself a special card from a young admirer.

    But Piper’s altruistic spirit doesn’t stop there. Recently certified as a Therapy Dog by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Piper is now equipped with her official certificate and heart tag, ready to continue her mission of spreading smiles wherever she goes.

    As a brand ambassador for harnesses from @frenchiestore, Piper combines style with substance, showcasing the importance of comfort and safety for all dogs, especially those in therapy work.

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    Join Piper, Suzy, and Stella Blue as they bring smiles from Southern California.

    All photos by Piper’s mom. Copyright ©2019 to 2024. All rights reserved.

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