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Dan Schachner The Puppy Bowl Referee

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    Dan Schachner The Puppy Bowl Referee Making a Paws-itive Impact Beyond the Field

    Dan Schachner at the Puppy Bowl holding a puppy

    Dan Schachner is not just the charismatic “Rufferee” of the Puppy Bowl; he’s a dedicated advocate for pet safety, adoption, and the well-being of animals. Beyond his role in officiating the adorable annual event, Schachner has collaborated with companies like Petco and Xfinity, championing pet adoption and safe pet travel.

    Awards and Recognition

    Schachner’s commitment to animal welfare earned him the Animal Welfare Hero award from the Baltimore Humane Society in 2018, highlighting his efforts to make a difference in the lives of animals beyond his on-screen role.

    Puppy Bowl Legacy

    As Schachner gears up for his 12th year officiating the Puppy Bowl, the event has transformed from a simple distraction for dog lovers into a national sensation. Originally designed to raise awareness about adopting pets from shelters and rescues, the program has evolved into a powerhouse of animal advocacy.

    In a bid to showcase the capabilities of less-adoptable puppies, Puppy Bowl XIX features a notable number of special-needs dogs.

    Schachner takes immense pride in the Puppy Bowl’s consistent 100% adoption rate. While the on-screen cuteness certainly plays a role, the true success lies in the impact on shelters after the show airs. The Puppy Bowl not only helps individual puppies find homes but also creates a ripple effect, leading to the adoption of their siblings and parents, along with increased foot traffic in the shelters.

    Puppy Bowl logo
    Dan Schachner with puppy at the vet

    Fostering Dogs

    Schachner’s passion for animals extends beyond the Puppy Bowl arena. He is a longtime dog foster, having opened his heart and home to 35 furry companions over the years. His journey into fostering began when his New York City building initially prohibited it, but now, Schachner actively promotes fostering as a meaningful way to address the issue of overpopulation in shelters.

    Dan Schachner’s Inspirational Voyage from Puppy Bowl Referee to Animal Advocate Extraordinaire

    Dan Schachner’s journey from a quirky audition for the role of Puppy Bowl referee to a seasoned advocate for pet adoption and animal welfare is nothing short of remarkable. As he continues to preside over the Puppy Bowl, Schachner’s dedication to fostering, promoting special-needs dogs, and achieving a 100% adoption rate underscores the positive impact this annual event has on the lives of countless furry friends. Beyond the football field, Schachner is a true hero for animals, using his platform to make a paws-itive difference in the world of pet advocacy.

    Dan Schachner with puppy