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Fred’s Little Brother Eddie Finland Boston Terrier Dog

    Fred’s Little Brother Eddie

    Eddie with Freddie wrapped in a blanket

    Adventures in Finland

    Eddie, the adorable Boston Terrier, joyfully follows Fred and Honey’s paw prints in Finland, embarking on delightful adventures.

    In Loving Memory of Fred

    In loving memory of Fred, the cherished Boston Terrier who graced his mom’s life for nearly 11 wonderful years. When Fred walked into her life, he brought a profound change for the better.

    Together, they embarked on great adventures that not only created lasting memories but also made his mom a better person.

    Fred’s loyal companionship and the joy he brought into their lives are treasures that will be cherished forever. May his playful spirit and the love they shared continue to inspire warmth and fondness in our hearts.

    Fred with his mom in a boat in Finland
    Honey fetches a stick from the Finnish sea

    Fondly Remembering Honey

    We fondly remember Honey, the spirited bull terrier who taught Fred how to love swimming, and brought joy to our lives. With her free spirit, love for swimming, enthusiastic tail wags, and the joy of fetching huge sticks and ice blocks, Honey left an indelible mark on our hearts.

    She was not just a beloved pet but also a great role model for Fred and Eddie, inspiring them with her zest for life. May her memories continue to bring warmth and smiles to our hearts.

    Playing Fetch in the Sea

    Eddie’s days are filled with fetching sticks, swimming, hiking in the forest or having fun on the frozen sea, creating heartwarming memories in the scenic Finnish landscapes.

    Eddie, the boston terrier, fetches a large stick in Finland
    Eddie the boston terrier walks while fetching a stick

    Follow Eddie

    Join Eddie as he enjoys the beauty of Finland.

    All photos by Eddie’s mom, Jaana Copyright ©2019 to 2024. Jaana Boman All rights reserved.

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