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Feeling Happy about Ben Lenovitz, Authentic New York City Artist

    Feeling Happy about Ben Lenovitz, Authentic New York City Artist

    From NYC to the World

    Ben Lenovitz has earned widespread acclaim, captivating audiences with his vibrant and whimsical pet portraits. From his hometown of New York City to cities around the globe, Ben’s art has garnered a growing following, celebrated for its warmth, humor, and undeniable charm.

    Ben Lenovitz in front of a wall of pet portraits. Photo source: Instagram
    Yoo Yeon Seok and Rita in front of a portrait by Ben Lenovitz. Photo source: Instagram

    Capturing Unique Pet Paw-sonalities

    With a distinctive style characterized by bold brushstrokes and dynamic compositions, Ben captures the unique personalities of beloved furry family members, from lucky pups like Rita, Yoo Yeon Seok’s rescue dog in Seoul, South Korea, to Demi Lovato’s dogs, Batman and Cinderella, in Los Angeles.

    Distinctive Style

    His signature use of bright blue acrylic paint adds a pop of color and vibrancy to each portrait, creating a visually striking and captivating aesthetic against the warm, light brown to tan backdrop of the cardboard canvas.

    Ben Lenovitz Studio at Fishs Eddy. Photo source: Instagram
    Ben Lenovitz with pet portraits in Japan. Photo source: Instagram

    An Adventure Abroad

    During a pivotal trip to Osaka, Japan, Ben’s artistic path took an unexpected turn. While serving as the artist in residence at Fishs Eddy, a fortuitous encounter opened the door to showcase his talents abroad as an ‘authentic New York City artist.’

    Assigned with sketching New York City icons on the spot, Ben’s artistic skills caught the attention of locals, who soon began requesting portraits of their cherished pets. Despite his initial unfamiliarity with painting animals, Ben embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, discovering a newfound passion for capturing the whimsical essence of furry companions.

    Boris and Horton

    Upon returning to New York City, Ben’s pet portrait business flourished. Ben’s unique style of pet portraiture caught the attention of Coppy Holzman, who commissioned 15 pet portraits to display at his and his daughter Logan Mikhly’s dog cafe, Boris and Horton

    These vibrant and whimsical portraits brought immense joy to both dog owners and customers alike, adorning the walls of the cafe with colorful depictions of beloved furry companions. The portraits not only added a charming and personalized touch to the cafe’s decor but also celebrated the special bond between humans and their pets, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all who visited Boris and Horton.

    Ben Lenovitz and Coppy Holzman with Rude Boy and pet portraits. Photo source: Instagram
    Ben Lenovitz painting dog portraits in South Korea. Photo source: Instagram

    Embracing Change, Adaptability and Growth

    Today, Ben continues to spread happiness through his art, delighting audiences with his signature style and infectious enthusiasm. With each stroke of his brush, he infuses his portraits with warmth, humor, and a sense of whimsy that resonates with pet owners and art lovers around the world. Through his journey as an artist, Ben reminds us all of the power of creativity to uplift, inspire, and bring joy to our lives, demonstrating the importance of being open to new opportunities and embracing change.

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