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Dogs I Meet: Virgin Hotel and Shameless Pets

    A Heartwarming Collaboration: Rescuing Dogs Through a Unique Photoshoot

    Dogs I Meet Kenny at the Virgin Hotel

    In the heart of New York City, a unique collaboration unfolded, bringing together Virgin NYC Hotel, Shameless Pets, Badass Animal Rescue, Joyrides Rescue and Dogs I Meet for a special cause.

    Working on a brand photoshoot for Virgin NYC Hotel and Shameless Pets, I took the opportunity to orchestrate a brand collaboration that not only produced captivating visuals but also had a profound impact on the lives of two homeless dogs awaiting adoption.

    The Collaboration

    The stars of our shoot were two dogs who had been languishing in the rescue system for over six months. The collaboration aimed to shed light on their stories and find them their forever homes. Virgin NYC Hotel and Shameless Pets joined hands with us to create a series of brand photo assets that went beyond mere visuals – they told a layered, meaningful story.

    Dogs I Meet Kenny at the Virgin Hotel cafe
    Dogs I Meet Kenny at the Virgin Hotel checking in at the Lobby

    A Win-Win Situation

    The collaboration turned out to be a win-win for everyone involved. Virgin and Shameless received compelling brand photo assets, enriched with the depth of a heartfelt narrative. The dogs and the rescues, on the other hand, gained exposure through these powerful visuals. The ultimate victory came when both dogs found loving homes, a heartening result of the collective efforts.

    Promotion and Exposure

    To maximize the impact of our initiative, the content was strategically promoted across all collaborating parties’ social channels, as well as my own.

    This ensured that the heartwarming stories reached a broader audience, garnering attention for the cause of animal rescue and adoption as well as brand awareness for Virgin NYC Hotel and Shameless pets.

    Dogs I Meet Kenny at the Virgin Hotel pool
    Dogs I Meet Huck at the Virgin Hotel room

    Discovering Huck

    The journey began when I came across Huck through an Instagram post on Susie’s Senior Dogs. Inspired by his story, I reached out to Joyrides Rescue, expressing my interest in featuring Huck in our upcoming photoshoot. Their enthusiastic response marked the beginning of a collaboration that would make a difference.

    The Continuing Effort

    While the brand photo shoot successfully highlighted Huck’s story, he continued to  face challenges in finding a home afterward. Undeterred Joyrides Rescue took the initiative to reach out to Susie’s Senior Dogs.

    Dogs I Meet Huck at the Virgin Hotel stairs
    Dogs I Meet Huck Magazine Cover

    Culmination of Compassion

    In the heart of this collaborative effort, stories were told, lives were changed, and two dogs found the love they had been waiting for. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in making a positive impact, not just for brands but for the furry friends who deserve a second chance at happiness.

    About Mindy Dutka

    Mindy Dutka is a professional dog photographer with over 20 years of corporate experience in marketing leadership, event planning, fundraising, and sales. I help businesses and animal rescue organizations tell their stories through compelling photography.

    As the founder of Dogs I Meet, she bridges dog advocacy and brand marketing through story-driven dog photography. Mindy brings authenticity to brand campaigns and meaning to marketing by telling stories to create awareness, building connections between brand and animal welfare organizations with creative cross-promotion strategies, and using photography to create real change for brands AND dogs.

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