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Boston Terrier Tea Party at Boris and Horton

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    Boston Terrier Tea Party at Boris and Horton

    Linda Lee and Rude Boy

    A Paws-itively Adorable Boston Terrier Tea Party Extravaganza in NYC

    New York City, July 2019 — The bustling streets of NYC witnessed a delightful spectacle as a lively group of Boston Terriers gathered for the first-ever Boston Terrier Tea Party Meetup at the charming Boris and Horton dog café in the East Village.

    Hosted by Linda Lee and her Boston Terrier dog, Rude Boy, on a sunny day in July, this international gathering brought together furry friends from near and far for an unforgettable day of tail-wagging festivities.

    Best NYC Costume Contest

    One of the highlights was the international costume contest, adding a touch of friendly competition to the joyous occasion. The coveted title of Best Costume was awarded to Krisja and Agnes from the NYC gathering, showcasing their creativity and flair.

    Krisja and Agnes the Boston Terrier
    Gatsby the Boston Terrier

    Best International Costume Contest

    The international charm of the meetup extended across the pond to London, UK, where Gatsby the Boston Terrier also received the prestigious award.

    Boston Terrier Tea Party Design Mug

    Adding an extra touch of charm to the event, a special design was crafted by the host, Rude Boy’s mom, artist Linda Lee. This unique design adorned the limited edition mugs, which became the coveted prize for the winners of the international costume contest. The thoughtfully designed mugs served as a cherished memento, capturing the essence of the Boston Terrier Tea Party Meetup.

    Rude Boy rests his cheek on an armchair
    boston terrier tea party mug
    Boston Terrier cookies by Maison de Pawz

    Canine Catering by Maison de Pawz

    maison de pawz logo

    Maison de Pawz delighted doggie attendees at the tea party with their latest creation: a charming Boston Terrier-shaped cookie, specially crafted for canine companions. Infused with wholesome ingredients and bursting with tail-wagging flavor, these delectable treats were the paw-fect addition to the elegant affair, ensuring that every furry guest indulged in a delightful afternoon of treats and tail wags.

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