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Michael Fassbender Kanter, the Supermutt Rescue Pup

Michael is a supermutt rescue pup living in NYC. He is a happy, adventurous, curious, and cuddly boy. Michael is a mixed breed of Chihuahua, Amstaff, and Lhasa Apso.

Photo: Copyright ©2019 @michaelsgonnamike. All rights reserved.

About the Charity will donate 5% of proceeds from this Feeling Happy Story to (NYACC) Animal Care Centers of New York

About the Designs

The Michael’s Gonna Mike Hanukkah, Venn Diagram, and Denim Quilted Print collections were designed by Linda Lee, inspired by Michael. Copyright ©2019 Linda Lee / Feeling Happy. All rights reserved.




Supermutt Rescue Pup

Michael (Portrait) – Leggings

Michael (Portrait) – Yoga Leggings





Venn Diagram

Denim Quilted Print

Bath Time

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